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Complete Fic List [07 Nov 2011|07:11am]

Complete List of FanficsCollapse )

This journal is no longer updated. Jan 2011.
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In Shadow [29 Jan 2010|02:46am]

In Shadow

Words: 9970
Pairing(s): Cloud/Leon
Notes: Porn and old Kingdom Hearts (not KH2) WIP after 2 or so years. What the fuck.
Summary: There was a man who bore the mask of a monster so that he could live another day, fight another fight. And then he lost.
Warnings: Porn! Teeny bit of gore!
Rated: NC-17

Cloud’s eyes were cold, but breathtaking.Collapse )
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[06 Aug 2008|02:07am]

One of these days,

I'll pack all of my love for you inside a little jar
So you can have some love when you're at home or very far
And ev'ry time you're sad and would like a bit of affection
Just open up the love-filled jar and use some as protection

"Don't open it, it will explode!" you hear someone declare
Well, I'll compress my love so you won't get hurt anywhere
And opening that little jar will be quite safe to do
And though I'm not very special, all that love right there's for you

My love is warm when you are cold, and there when you want touch
And fuzzy, sweet and comfortable and soft - but not too much
And can be eaten or used as a blanket or a hug
And when you need to, it's quite nice to cuddle or to snug

The jar is small, large as your palm, not pretty, not that great
And sometimes you can't see it and you cannot feel its weight
But it's small enough to slip into your pocket, even so;
So you can have a little love wherever you may go.

I'll just slip it on your shelf and maybe when you're feeling blue
You'll have a little love that you can keep right there with you.

One of these days.
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Aaaaaart Dump - Phoenix Wright [08 Jul 2008|09:35pm]

Arranged oldest to newest. Most of the stuff I drew as a result from dabbling in the pwdressingroom. Generally worksafe. Everything's been thumbnailed, so no suffering for dial-uppers and minors who are surfing naughty, naughty things.

art goes hereCollapse )
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Where The Heart Is [11 Apr 2008|08:40pm]

Mmhmm, you know it. To be edited.

Other works can be found here.

Where The Heart Is

Words: 4,780
Genre: Fluff/Angst
Pairing(s): Ambiguous Nick/Miles. You can just think of it as a 'close friends' dynamic if you want.
Notes: Written for the kink meme, with the original prompt here
Summary: Some people are forced to be fathers. Others are just meant to be.
Warning: Nothing explicit. Implies plenty of basic canon for GS4, though.
Rated: G

Miles’ return trips to Los Angeles were few and far in between.Collapse )
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To Sell A Soul [06 Apr 2008|12:11am]

I will edit this later also. XD;

Other works can be found here.

To Sell A Soul

Words: 1,075
Genre: Gen/Angst
Pairing(s): N/A
Notes: Totally typed it into the text box. Written for the kink meme, with the original prompt here and unfortunately, it's not what anon requested because smartypants (i.e. me) didn't read the whole prompt before typing the fic out. :( I will, however, respond with her actual prompt. Eventually. This is my lame headcanon. Enjoy if you could, please. D:
Summary: Paganini was not the only man to have sold his soul for beautiful art.
Warning: None? Hobo!Nick. :/
Rated: G

He was a man of the arts.Collapse )
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oceans [18 Mar 2008|03:04am]

I will edit this later. XD;

Other works can be found here.


Words: 1,088
Genre: Romance
Pairing(s): Phoenix/Miles
Notes: Totally typed it into the text box. Written for the kink meme, with the original prompt here (which was about drowning). First P/E prompt filled out on Part 5. <3
Summary: He's pulled down deeper and deeper but the only ocean that's swallowing him is the ocean that belongs to those blue eyes...
Warning: None? Hobo!Nick. :/
Rated: PG

He felt warm in that conjured moment of respite.Collapse )
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Sweden and related topics [11 Feb 2008|04:32pm]

I'm heading to Stockholm on Thursday for a meeting on a conference (World Championship In Cooperation - hosted by Globetree Sweden) that will be held in Kampala, Uganda in June or July this year. FYI, the conference is geared towards young children and aims to establish world cooperation - social integration so that people will accept each other regardless of race, background, culture, etc.

Okay, so I'm a march/drills captain in the tropics, therefore I am able stand crazy kinds of heat... but when I checked the temperature in Stockholm and I kept getting single and negative digits degrees centigrade, I cried a little inside.

On the other hand, OMG LET THERE BE SNOW PLS. The last time I ever went to a country that had snow/was in the midst of winter was, um, a decade ago. I've been to a wintery country only once in my life and golly gee whizz, DO WANT. :D


And V-day is a'coming! I'm kind of swamped but I hope to be able to churn out two or so fics around that time. If I don't get you guys in time,Happy Valentine's Day in advance~ <3 never mind the fact that I'm not supposed to celebrate it, etc.

In other news, I will update Counterclockwise when I get back from Sweden. Promise. So if the patronizing PMs and comments could stop, I'd greatly appreciate it, thanks. It's not like I have a life and a job to manage and stuff. >_>


This is strictly for the people with time to spare and enjoy doing social work/working with people voluntarily/environmental do-goodery. Those who don't fit the bill, ignore this section.

I'm looking for people who are interested to take part in World Tree Day 2008 (it doesn't exist and this year will be its launch) and organize small activities in your own country/town/school, etc. I've got some people from Kenya, Dubai, USA and Australia who will be spearheading the activities in their places. I'll probably blog more about this when I get back. :/

In a nutshell, WTD is a day/weekend about appreciating, understanding the usefulness of, and planting trees. One of our goals during WTD is '24 hour tree planting' which theorizes that, if everyone in their respective country were to plant a tree at noon or so local time, as the Earth spins and the time zones move along with it, for 24 hours straight there will be tree planting... something like that. It's a great way to meet new people and to involve yourself in NGOs and stuff.

I'll be compiling a set of guidelines once my group's confirmed the details with the Ministry of Education and Environment here in Malaysia. If people are interested, please do just leave a comment and ask questions and stuff. :)

Randomly, I need some new icons. Stuff like a character going :D!! in the foreground while hearts float upwards in the background... something like that. I dunno. Dur hur hur. :B
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Furious Angels ~ medius [17 Jan 2008|11:36am]

No comment.

Other works can be found here.

Furious Angels

Words: 1 946
Genre: Angst
Pairing(s): Eventual ambiguous Leon/Cloud
Notes: Canon fic. Yet another take on fanon from my many points of view. This is a very brief three-shot about how Auron, Cloud and Leon each rediscover their humanity through their unlikely, if not shaky, relationships with one and the other.
Warnings: None.
Rated: PG-13

Summary: It was the end of his hollowness, the turning point of another's existence, and the beginning of a new life.

a whole is that which has beginning, middle, and endCollapse )

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Pen Strokes [08 Jan 2008|05:12pm]

Other works can be found here.

Pen Strokes

Words: 3,747
Genre: Angst/Romance
Pairing(s): Miles/Phoenix
Notes: Written with 'Letters from Home' in mind. This fic occurs before and throughout PW1. It's a stand alone, but it can also be viewed as a sequel or companion piece to Au Revoir.
Summary: There was only so much a letter could do... but it did so much more than he could have imagined.
Warning: Spoilers for PW1.
Rated: G

It was another letter.Collapse )
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Au Revoir [08 Jan 2008|03:43pm]

Other works can be found here.

Au Revoir

Words: 1,844
Genre: Angst/Romance
Pairing(s): Light kid!Miles/kid!Phoenix
Notes: I wrote this with another idea in mind, and this sort of spun off-tangent. However, the basic idea is 'Letters From Home' and this piece is about how Miles as a child tried to cope with his new life in Germany, trying to clutch onto whatever he had from the past to help him pull through. This is a stand alone, but can be read as the prequel to Pen Strokes.
Summary: Germany was so far away from home, but thank goodness 'home' could fit into an envelope.
Warning: Spoilers for PW1.
Rated: G

Germany was cold and far from the place he had once called home.Collapse )
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Glam and Glitter [22 Dec 2007|06:42pm]

In a perfect world, Gregory didn't die and Miles Edgeworth became an awesome ace attorney. And Phoenix totally became his legal aide/boyfriend.

I've never written about characters 'coming out' before, so this posed a huge challenge to me. I hope it didn't turn out cheesy, though. XD;;;;

Other works can be found here.

Glam and Glitter

Words: 2,087
Genre: Romance
Pairing(s): Miles/Phoenix
Notes: AU fic. Written for the epic PW kink meme wherein Phoenix is an A-list movie star, Miles is his agent/lawyer, and is against Phoenix wanting to 'come out' for fear of his career. In this fic, Gregory is ALAIV (and runs his own practice) and Miles is a defence attorney destined to take over the family firm when his dad decides to retire. Original prompt here.
Summary: The life of a celebrity is chock-full of sex and scandal. There are no exceptions. Ever.
Warning: Graphic sexual themes, yum.
Rated: NC-17

You know, that couch’s seen more action than Will Powers in the Steel Samurai Shogun Showdown.Collapse )
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Abzahlung [22 Dec 2007|12:13pm]


That said, fic tiemz! :D

Other works can be found here.


Words: 3,740
Genre: Angst/Romance
Pairing(s): Miles/Phoenix
Notes: This was written over my own personal writing angst. I'm a bit out of practice, so I hope it ended up all right. XD; The pairing can actually be considered more 'subtle' than anything, but I suppose in hindsight, Miles' way of thinking is flamingly homosexual, so there you go.
Summary: He returned to seek redemption for his past. He never knew that redemption had an expiration date.
Warning: Teeny spoilers for GS4, mostly in relation to Phoenix's work and parental status.
Rated: G

A locked door midday. New buildings that weren’t so new, really.Collapse )

ETA 07 March 08: Changed 'papa' to 'daddy' after finally playing GS4.
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Sephiroth may just be a real personification of Hitler, genocide aside. :O [07 Dec 2007|11:47pm]

I tend to argue about really useless and inane things, but some things I say are just inconceivable had I argued about something actually worth arguing about. :D

hanae0711: ANYWAY, crazy!Sephiroth is bad for young fans.
hanae0711: Just like how Hitler is bad for toddlers.
sakurabatou: .....
sakurabatou: XDDD I'm sorry but that comparison is too funny.
hanae0711: *bows*
sakurabatou: ...are you trying to say that crazy!Seph is good for older fans? >.>
sakurabatou: because I dun think he's good for anyone XD
hanae0711: .... that's like saying Hitler is good for older people.
sakurabatou: XDDD okay I think we're done.

hanae0711: However, like sane!Seph, artist!Hitler was rather good. :D
hanae0711: I really should stop, shouldn't I?


sakurabatou: HAnaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
hanae0711: Yeeeeees?
sakurabatou: Sapphire Weapon
sakurabatou: scares the shit outta me
hanae0711: Well, if that is so
hanae0711: You should play on a laptop whilst sitting on a proper toilet bowl
hanae0711: That way, when the shit is scared out of you, it doesn't stain anything
sakurabatou: .....
sakurabatou: trust you to say something like that


sakurabatou: everyone exaggerates Tifa's chest
sakurabatou: it's kind of irritating
hanae0711: Tell me about it. -_-
sakurabatou: I mean, yeah, she's like, an E
hanae0711: .... is she.
hanae0711: I always thought she was a C
sakurabatou: estimation
sakurabatou: but
hanae0711: Ah XD
sakurabatou: well, more like DD
sakurabatou: I have a friend that's a DD
sakurabatou: and she doesn't look...freaky
sakurabatou: anyone bigger than that, it's because they're overweight
sakurabatou: but whatever
sakurabatou: Tifa has to be able to FIGHT
hanae0711: >:C
hanae0711: I KNEW IT
hanae0711: Lack of a bra strap must mean she used a sports bra!
sakurabatou: ...
hanae0711: ... what?
sakurabatou: she would have to use a sports bra
hanae0711: ... yes?
sakurabatou: it's common sense
sakurabatou: but whatever
hanae0711: NU-UH
sakurabatou: WHY are we discussing Tifa's boobs again?
hanae0711: She was bar-tending prior
hanae0711: She could have used a regular bra since she was serving drinks
sakurabatou: yes, but she's a smart girl. She'd change before going out to kill things
hanae0711: Now I wouldn't know that >,>
hanae0711: They all wear the same clothes throughout the entire game
sakurabatou: hahahahahahah
sakurabatou: *GAPS*
hanae0711: ............................
sakurabatou: *gasp
sakurabatou: I phail again

Yes, I like snacking on sakurabatou's dignity. Why do you ask? 8D
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Truce [07 Dec 2007|12:28am]

Augh, this sucks and I am sorry, but I just wanted it written and DONE WITH.

Other works can be found here.


Words: 968
Genre: General
Pairing(s): Kid Squall + Cloud (sort of)
Notes: For kyogou who requested a kiddie fic with a jigsaw puzzle. I'm sorry that the quality is bad. I'm a bit rusty after not having written fic in so long. D: Can be read as a sequel to First Impressions. Basically a kiddy!snark fic.
Summary: It's a love-hate relationship built to last forever and ever... if they make it through to morning.
Warnings: None. :D
Rated: G

Sure, chocobo-butt!Collapse )
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DS/PSP Porn [06 Dec 2007|07:34pm]

I'm serious. This is strictly for bromantic's benefit, who, by the way, is of the opinion that DS > PSP, hence PSP must be bottom.

Silver Slim is my silver-coloured PSP Slim & Lite, and Lite is my Nintendo DS Lite.

What I've written generally reflects my relationship with both consoles - I got my PSP first and kept it in storage for a long time, even now, because I'm scared to bring it around as it does not have a proper case, whereas my DS is a rugged console. <3

Oh, AND WELCOME machinator! <3

What do you mean the DS tops?!Collapse )
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Proximity [08 Nov 2007|02:45am]

In conjunction with my birthday, my very first Phoenix Wright fanfic ever. XD


I do know about their personality quirks and their dynamics and their history and stuff, just... not really much else.

Other works can be found here.


Words: 4,204
Genre: Romance
Pairing(s): Miles/Phoenix
Notes: Dedicated to bromantic and criminalize for introducing me to the fandom. I haven't played any of the games yet, hence the generic fic, but I SHALL DO SO IMMEDIATELY AFTER MY EXAMS. >O This fic is just a play on their relationship and... I don't know. This is a wholly pointless fic, I hope you like it even so. D:
Summary: It's the nostalgia of old habits that bring us to this close proximity.
Warning: Tender, non-steamy kisses. That is a warning indeed.
Rated: PG

2:31 a.m. winked at him, and he let out a soft groan.Collapse )
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g a m e s [25 Sep 2007|12:20am]

This is the last you'll likely be seeing of fic in a long, long time.

Other works can be found here.

g a m e s

Words: 1550
Genre: Angst (with a hint of Smut)
Pairing(s): Cloud x Leon
Notes: Canon. An abstract and angry piece thing. This is the 'hide-and-seek' prompt from the lovely sakurabatou whose art and general company makes me glee. ILU LIKE A MAD THING THAT LOVES THINGS A WHOLE LOT. Also, I like tempting you to the dark side... because mmmmyummy porn.
Summary: start. run. fight. ko. new game?
Warning: Implied sex.
Rated: R

It’s like a deadly charade.Collapse )
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A Spoonful Of Sugar [17 Sep 2007|08:51pm]

One of those prompts I promised ages ago. 'Pineapples' for the omgmadeofsomuchfreakingWIN egg_in_a_basket. I laff yews~ :D <3

Other works can be found here.

A Spoonful Of Sugar

Words: 1,363
Genre: Humour/Romance (fluff)
Pairing(s): 12!Squall/9!Cloud
Notes: Canon, set before KH1. The 'pineapple' prompt from the amazingly amazing egg_in_a_basket whom I cannot live without. Srsly. YOU LOVE FLUFF SO FLUFF I GIVE. D:
Summary: All they ever wanted was a clear sky and a summer that never ended.
Warning: Le none.
Rated: G

Summer sun was always welcome in Radiant Garden.Collapse )
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School photos! [14 Sep 2007|05:10pm]

I got my school photos the other day. Be amused by them. *thumbs up*

8 huge photos all in all.

The graininess of the images are to be blamed on the stupid photographer who decided to not have them developed at a proper shop. Fucker.Collapse )

To sakurabatou: this is the doujinshi page I scanned for you.
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